megan valenzuela

natural light photographer

documenting life and love

Oh hey, I’m Megan

∙ I grew up and live in Texas (and say “y’all” a lot because of it) but I love to travel.
So, let’s go!

∙ I have two amazing children. That’s super biased, but equally accurate.

∙ Complete nature nerd. If living in the trees was something I could realistically do, I would.

∙ Also, add talking in lyrics to that. If that were a doable thing, I would have ALL THE CONVERSATIONS in lyrics. I have friends, I promise.

∙ I’m all about creative outlets and always looking for new ones. My latests are brush lettering and learning piano.

∙ I’ve seen the beginnings of a lot of movies, but very few endings. It’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll fall asleep watching anything if it’s even remotely dark outside.

∙ I’m a really bad high-fiver. You can test it if you want, but it’ll be awkward for everyone involved.

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